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Angelina Jolie Hints On Running For President

Celebrity. Humanitarian. Mother of 6. Billy Bob Thornton’s ex. , Angelina Jolie is actually dropping clues to include one more title to her resume: President.

The Silver screen A-lister and even human rights supporter informed Middle East Headlines News that although she may have made fun of running for President twenty years earlier, “duty calls” and she would certainly be ready to head wherever she is needed.

” I honestly will do whatever I think can really make a change,” Jolie stated.

“Right now, I am able to work with a U.N. agency that is the most in-the-field of all the U.N. agencies to do a lot of work directly with the people in need.”

Following many years of support service being a Goodwill Emissary, Jolie was designated the intermediary for the United Nations with regard to Refugees in 2012 in order to assist international women’s & refugees legal rights.

She claimed her services in advocacy has already provided her required “bureaucratic expertise” when it comes to a role for the Oval Office, however, that she had “not made a decision whether or not to run”.

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