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An Intense Brexit Interrogation

It really was an intense Brexit interrogation, still, with few final results. For an hour and a half, Theresa May responding to questions from the 27 heads of state and federal government.

An effort to obtain solid answers regarding the plan of actions as well as feasible support that the British Prime Minister has, that left partners disappointed. “It was incredibly elusive,” diplomatic sources expressed.

It did not persuade these people, that the EU summit complied with the path outlined ahead of time, by having the 27, locked in with discussions which went on a lot longer than anticipated.

A number of dates were actually taken into consideration, and ultimately, the European Union approved the extension requested through the UK and considering a couple of different scenarios.

Assuming that in the upcoming week the British assembly authorizes the Withdrawal Arrangement, the Brexit is going to be postponed until May 22nd.

Otherwise, in case Westminster declines that proposition for the 3rd time, at that point, the deadline will certainly be much shorter, only up until April 12th, in hopes that the UK will suggest how to continue prior to that date.

Simply put, plan A, the preferred one, if the 27 accomplish what hey stared in time regarding the Withdrawal Agreement. That would certainly help make matters a lot easier, ensure an organized departure, and with an additional margin of time to perform the judicial process and even prep the exit.

A couple of months so as to prepare things.

However, if British legislators vote once again in opposition to the agreement, there is actually a plan B. It is about putting off the Brexit until April 12th, that is the date which, according to the legislation, the UK has time to call political elections in the International Parliament.

By doing this, the British federal government is simply given a periphery in order to make a decision what it proposes to execute. “What it implies is that up until this specific date (April 12th) all of the alternatives are open,” stated the leader of the International Committee, Donald Tusk.

The conference started with a proposition to give an extension till May 22, conditioned to the approval at the English assembly, upcoming week, of the Withdrawal Agreement.

May asked for a much longer extension, till June 30th.

All the same, the proposition opened up a discussion which proved a lot more rigorous and longer than assumed, regarding the possible extensions which might be offered and likewise on the probabilities that the English Congress might wind up authorizing the Withdrawal Agreement in the upcoming week.

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