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AMERICAN troops fire tear gas on Iranian protesters in Baghdad

AMERICAN troops fire teargas on Iran-backed militiamen as well as various other protesters that collected outside the United States Consular Office within Baghdad, for the 2nd day.

Hundreds of Iran-allied militiamen and also their advocates camped out by the gateways or entrance of the consular office in the evening hours, after these people got into the compound, some of them trashed a reception area, shattering windows and even spraying graffiti prior.

The AMERICAN Marines protecting the consular office discharged teargas Wednesday as additional people turned as smoke climbed out of the facility.

There have been zero reports of any type of personal injury since the demonstrations started.

Later on, Iraqi soldiers, federal government law enforcement and even top counter-terrorism troops were deployed along the fence smack in the middle of the protesters and the compound. There was zero friction between the security legions/forces and the boy-cotters or protesters, according to sources.

The Popular Mobilisation Armies, an umbrella of state-allied militias, provided an announcement, calling on its followers to “withdraw from the area” in reaction to a demand by the Iraqi authorities, pointing out “your message has been received.”

A few of the demonstrators started removing their camping tents late Friday, although various others pledged to remain.

A spokesperson for the Kataeb Hezbollah militia, Mohammed Mohieh, informed The Middle East Headlines News Team that the demonstration “will continue.”

This person explained that they were under the gun from “the presidency and also a few Iraqi political leaders” that intend to “satisfy the Americans.” However, this person also claimed that the group’s advocates “will stay until the United States of America diplomat is forced out, the consulate is closed up and all American soldiers leave Iraq”.

According to sources inside the compound, the militiamen were opposing “lethal U.S. airstrikes that focus on Kataeb Hezbollah on Sunday”, murdering 25 fighters.

This was in reaction to a supposed missile strike on an Iraqi military base that murdered an American contractor last week.

“The militia is distinct from the Hezbollah militant bunch within Lebanon, although both of these are generally supported by Iran”, government officials stated.

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