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American Sanctions On Iranian oil

IRAN – It’s official, Iran has started military Naval drills to counteract American sanctions on Iranian oil.

President Donald Trump’s sanctions are taken effect and are mounting enormous pressure on Tehran reducing their oil exports by 50%.

These are Indian Naval drills will commence on Friday and continue for a minimum of three days, that location is strait of Hormuz to the Sea of Oman and even Indian ocean.

This was confirmed by Iranian Commander Hossein Khanzadi Thursday afternoon which aired on the state television in Iran.

Middle East headlines news team has learned that these Naval warships will be accompanied by helicopters, submarines as well as various surveillance aircraft.

Iran’s Navy and worships will be “launching missiles” from these particular vessels for the purposes of testing, Sources say.

According to sources, the “strait of Hormuz is considered the most vital choke point” when it comes to “Iranian oil flow “of over 19 million barrels estimated back in 2016.

The Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Oman as well as the Arabian Sea is connected by The Strait.

This particular route is a key factor by which Persian exporters, as well as Iran with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Qatar, ship their valued oil throughout the world.

Internal sources have pointed out that’s Saudi Arabia along with the UAE are the only ones who have oil pipelines which can ship this black gold “outside the Persian Gulf” with the “capacity to actually bypass the Strait of Hormuz”.

This oil, reports estimate, approximately “80% of it is moved through Hormuz”, reaching virtually all Asian markets, such as India, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China itself who are the largest and most thirsty destinations with regards to oil that is moved directly and exclusively by the strait of Hormuz.

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