Amazon France Targeted by Environmental Activists in Black Friday Protest

French headquarters of Amazon was dumped this Friday with broken electronics and e-waste, and environmental activists who accused Amazon did this

for encouraging e-Commerces on a high level with a large consumption and short level of recycling.

A total of 40 activists participated in it by dumping washing machines, old computer screens, tangling cords and e-waste in front of the company’s office in northern Paris suburb of Clichy and it coincides with the ‘Black Friday’ Thanksgiving’ holiday sale.

The word’s by Alma Dufour of Friends of the Earth were-

We’re accusing Amazon in particular of violating the law by not putting in place a system for collecting electronics and recycling them properly. It’s a waste of resources“.

As per Dufour saying –

The business model of the second-largest retailer of electronics in France is based on runaway over-consumption.

She also added that

Amazon offers cut-rate prices and offer delivery that gets faster and faster, something that isn’t compatible with climate change targets.”

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