Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Leave Wife For Lauren Sanchez

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced via Twitter the divorce from his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos.

“We have had a great life together as a couple, and we see a great future on the horizon as parents, friends, companions of adventures and projects and as individuals in search of more adventures and projects,” wrote Bezos.

The owner with the greatest fortune in the world seems to have a new conquest, according to international media such as People and the New York Times. She is Lauren Sanchez, the morning talk show host for California Good Day LA on FOX.

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and his ex-partner, MacKenzie Bezos

Sanchez is still the wife of Patrick Whitesell, with whom she has been married for 13 years, now separated, they have not initiated divorce proceedings. 

Even so, they assure that the separation is on friendly terms.

The presenter has 3 children from her previous two relationships.

Born in Albuquerque and with Mexican roots, Lauren Sanchez has worked for Fox as a news anchor and has participated in television programs and has even won an Emmy Award.

The Bezos and Sanchez-Whitesell marriages have had a close relationship for a decade, according to the TMZ news.

 This is confirmed by the images of the 25th-anniversary wedding party of the Bezos couple, in which Lauren and Jeff shared moments of dancing, photos, and fun.

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