Amazon Compensating Data Breach Complaining with Gift Cards

After the revelation of Amazon to its customers last week that due to s technical error it had inadvertently exposed customer email addresses, the e-commerce giant is now reportedly compensating its customers with gift cards as restitution of the breach. Tom’s Guide reported yesterday that it viewed chat and email correspondence between Amazon and customers who claim they have been offered Amazon gift cards between $5 and $100. Some users on Reddit have also reported being offered money by Amazon after they aggressively complained about the breach.

A spokesperson of Amazon declined to comment on this topic. “Doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to who and who is not receiving gift cards” – Tom’s Guide further mentioned. So, you may also receive a gift card after conversing a few minutes with Amazon support members regarding the recent data breach. Amazon users also state that the company representatives don’t have any clear answer for the data breach and try to avoid the topic with the gift card compensation. Amazon contacted few customers by email on Wednesday informing “our website inadvertently disclosed your email address due to a technical error.” The company further added the technical glitch has been fixed and that users won’t need to change their password.

The company neither mentioned how many people were impacted by the breach nor how and what information was exposed. Considering that this is the second major breach of customer email addresses in just less than two months, it’s no wonder Amazon is throwing money suppress the matter as earliest as possible. Amazon customer representatives are offering gift cards only to avoid the mere escalation of the issue by the customers.

May the lady luck shine on your head and you may receive a gift card as well.

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