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Aislinn Derbez says working with Netflix is “a dream come true”

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The Mexican Aislinn Derbez, daughter of the famous humorist Eugenio Derbez, told Efe that launching the series “The House of Flowers” on Netflix, a platform with more than 130 million subscribers in all the world, is “a dream come true”.

“Obviously, the more people who can watch the series, the happier we are, Netflix is ​​a global company and the amount of people that will be able to enjoy this story is something spectacular, this is what all the actors aspire to,” said the interpreter via telephone from Mexico, where the premiere of the series took place on Wednesday.

“The response from the people was incredible,” she said, “they loved it and it fascinated them, I had high expectations, but it surpassed them.” I had not seen it and it seemed spectacular, very original and different from what is done on television. People were happy, so I can not ask for more. “

“The House of Flowers”, directed by Manolo Caro, is a comedy of black humor composed of 13 episodes of 30 minutes, which takes place in a supposedly idyllic and successful family florist, but full of secrets.

After revealing the death of his lover, the father decides to reunite all his children under the same roof so they can live together with him and his current wife. The series explores the need to protect and forgive loved ones.

Aislinn Derbez is working with Netflix

The cast is led by Mexican actress Veronica Castro, who returns to television after almost a decade, and also appear Cecilia Suarez, Juan Pablo Medina, Paco Leon and Derbez herself.

“Manolo Caro is always synonymous with quality”, commented the actress about the attractions of the project. “I loved the idea and the script was wonderful and full of surprises,” he said.

Derbez plays Elena, the youngest daughter of the De la Mora couple, key in a plot worthy of the classic telenovelas, although with a modern point that dares to touch sensitive topics such as homosexuality.

“No telenovela we are accustomed to seeing would touch on such controversial, controversial and extravagant themes as this series, the telenovelas remained stalled, the series offers something innovative with winks to the plots of those products,” the artist said.

The Spanish Paco León puts on the skin of a transsexual lawyer, a role that provoked critics of some groups that asked that it was a transsexual actress who assumed the character.

“I think Paco makes it spectacular, his work is very admirable, he’s a great actor and his character is one of my favorites in the series,” Derbez said.

Married to Mexican actor Mauricio Ochmann, the artist had her first daughter, Kailani, in February and filmed the series while pregnant with her.

The actress assures that now she is liberated from the pressure of her father’s last name, but recognizes that in the beginning it was a difficult stone to bear.

“I used to weigh myself, it’s true, but I built my own career, and at the beginning it was difficult to get rid of the name and take away that pressure to shape my own identity,” said the actress, happy about her father’s success in the United States. with comedies like the recent “Overboard”.

“I had achieved everything in Mexico,” he said. “He did not have anything else to prove, he was small, he did everything he had to do there, he was number one in film, television and theater, he conquered the entire market and wanted new challenges,” she added.

For the future, Derbez, who seeks balance as a mother, actress and producer – through her company A Toda Madre Entertainment, founded with her husband – has a special project reserved: the new American version of “Miss Bala”, the Mexican film directed by Gerardo Naranjo in 2011.

In this case, the “remake”, released in January, will come with the signature of American filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke (“Twilight”) and starring Gina Rodriguez.

“It’s a great movie in which I enjoyed participating,” she said.

“It’s a small but very important role in history, it’s a great opportunity for me,” she concluded.

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