Actor Hugh Jackman is all about Loyalty

A month back, the Oscar candidate Actor Hugh Jackman commemorated his 50th birthday, however it was actually his party attendees that elevated a number of brows as Jackman’s gathering apparently consisted of Ivanka Trump and even Jared Kushner.

” I’ve known those guys for 15 years,” he said to Middle East Headlines New Team, “and we don’t talk politics at birthday parties.”.

It appears governmental policies don’t effect Wolverine’s friendly relationships.

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As Actor Hugh Jackman later described in a radio conversation with Howard Stern Monday, Jackman initially met face to face with the widely recognized couple by means of mutual good friends, when Donald Trump was generally associated with realty, certainly not the White House..

Quickly, these individuals resided in the exact same community. “They’re great friends. They’re unbelievably loyal,” Jackman said to Stern.

” We’re great friends and I want to say to people …’ So, if you’re friends of 15 years’ dad became president, do you dump them as a friend? Really?'”.

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