10 Best Action Movies on Netflix Canada right now

Shootings, mishaps, fast-paced action, If you are an enthusiast of these kinds of ‘active ingredients’ in blockbuster movies, of which our experts categorize as a genre of action, here are some selection you are going to love.

The choices are based on those which could be experienced on Netflix, so there is absolutely nothing left but to arrange the furnishings, put together a treat and take a seat and indulge.

Here are your 10 Best Action Movies on Netflix Canada playing right now


The Night Comes For Us

It reveals the tale of an upper-class killer that forgives a young woman’s life during the course of a bloodbath and ends up being the target of an onslaught by a dangerous mobster syndicate.

Triple border

5 ex-soldiers gather in order to swipe their fortune out of a drug supplier at the border region of Paraguay, Argentina, and South America and trigger a string of negative repercussions.

It tells the tale of the planet’s top assassin, Duncan Vizla, who is giving up work when his previous recruiter assigns him a quest. In opposition to his will, he is back confronting an army of more youthful killers.

Jungle Book: Origins

Mowgli is actually a very little child that matured within the jungle amongst creatures, however, certainly, not everybody accepts him since the tiger Shere Khan will do every little thing feasible to finish him.

Game over, man

3 buddies do their absolute best to end up being good guys when armed individuals take hostages in a celebration filled with celebrities inside a Los Angeles resort.

Legitimate king

Right after being endowed King of Scotland, the soldier Robert Bruce is literally pushed into exile and even guides a group of hooligans to enable him to claim the throne.


Whenever his best friend strangely passes away, an FBI cybersecurity professional teams up with his dad, the famous John Shaft, in order to maneuver the avenues of the New york city Harlem, and also solve the criminal activity.

Point Blank

A registered nurse finds that his spouse has been abducted, so in despair, this individual partner with a bad guy that will assist him to save her.


The escaping motorist of an annoyed burglary will make use of his abilities and even knowledge soon after getting alarming orders from a complete stranger.

The Siege of Jadotville

It tells the real tale of the Irish Blue Helmets within Africa that, besieged through a primary opponent, protected their position using unrivaled honor and even courage.

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