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Funny accessories for pets

We love them, and in many cases we humanize them to almost ridiculous limits with accessories for pets.

Our pets are part of our lives and we attribute human qualities and weaknesses of our species, although in some cases, the passage of time and the influence of man.

We have an example in dogs and their sweaters. It is totally true that in the wild, we will never see a dog dressed in clothes, but we were not going to see some species of warm climates, walking through central London in January, for example.

Let it Rain, let it rain

And from the jersey to other accessories there is only one step. Have you noticed dogs with umbrellas? 

Image result for umbrellas for dogs
An umbrella for dogs? what will they think of next?

Yes, it is totally comical, but surely who buys it thinks that your dog will be much better if it does not get wet and you do not need to bathe it when you get home or dry it thoroughly so it does not rub against each sofa.

Perhaps this device can save a lot of time for its owners, although we are not quite sure how it will resist the gusts of wind.

Another of the funniest accessories we have seen in recent times are the carts for dogs. 

It is true that many of us tell our dog or cat that “come with mom” or “come with dad” in a gesture of affection that those who do not have animals think it’s funny. But from there to walk them in a cart … whats next people?.

Sports accessories for pets

And there are those who take them out for a ride in a cart and there are those who worry about doing the proper exercise, for example hanging a precious pedometer in the form of a bone from their collar.


In this way, when we go out for a walk, we will see if the dog has burned enough calories and if it is time to go home or we have to go around the block one more time.

In some pet pages, they offer funny earmuffs for dogs and cats, so that winter is not so bad for them. 

They can be fun, but how will the animal feel with something since it is limiting one of its most important senses?

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