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How to act before an abandoned puppy?

Would you know what to do if you go down the street and find yourself in front of an abandoned puppy? 

Of course we are talking about dogs or cats, the animals that we could meet in our daily life unexpectedly. 

These are the steps to take in case of meeting an animal alone on the street. 

First of all we must make sure that the animal is really abandoned. 

In some places it is usual to leave the door open and for the dog or cat to go out to sunbathe in front of the house.

Secondly, it is important to know that you do not act the same in the case of a dog or a cat. 

Let’s explain it in detail:

-The dogs are animals that do not usually survive on the street. In general, they do not keep their wild instinct and die. Or they end up feral and representing a danger to people and other animals. 

If we find a puppy dog ​​we should check that it is alone and not approach if it is aggressive. In case this happens, you will have to call the municipal police to notify the kennel and pick it up. 

If the dog is calm we can try to take it to take it to some refuge where they can welcome it. But before doing so, we must be sure that they will have space for him. Unfortunately, many protectors are beyond the limit of their possibilities.

If we can not take him to a shelter because of lack of space for him and we can have him temporarily with us, we can try to find him a home. 

-The cats are animals that preserve much of their wild instinct. Life on the street is not ideal for a cat, but unfortunately there are many who live like that.

It would be impossible to collect them all and give them a home, that is why many protectors focus on controlling the street colonies and sterilizing their members to control the population. 

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Abandoned puppy being taken care of by passing man.

They also make sure that animals eat and do not have diseases. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done in this regard. 

With this we want to explain what we are going to say next and that it may seem very hard if the reality of the protectors is not known.
In case of cats, the first thing is to make sure that the kitten is alone. Perhaps he is with his mother and is part of a colony. 

If the cat is alone and in danger we will try to get closer to catch it or, failing that, we will endeavor to move it away from the area where it can be damaged (for example, kittens in the middle of a roundabout). 

We will only pick up the kitten if it is an animal that is helpless and in danger, since normally they will not be able to take charge in the shelters and we will be the ones who have to find a home.


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