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A Look inside the diverse Empire of Lauwiner

Founded in 2014 and spread over Europe, Africa, and now towards Asia, the Empire of Lauwiner has a dynamic distribution in many countries accounting to almost 41000 square meters of properties.

This Empire is said to be wholly owned by the King Jonas I of Lauwiner, whose administration lends the houses and land to the people who want to be the citizens of the Lauwiner Empire. The process of acquiring any property requires paying taxes and duties towards the Empire. The diversity of the Empire gives people a reflective choice to choose their best-suited location and region. In addition to the houses, the Empire claims that people can also choose to obtain lands of different topographies from steep to flat, based on their interests. Currently, there are over 500 citizens of this Empire from all over the world.

Currently, five languages are being spoken in the Lauwiner Empire which includes Russian, English, French, German and Arabic. This Empire is also said to be focusing on self-sustaining capabilities using innovative agricultural, livestock and other developmental techniques. The governance of this Empire is based on absolute monarchy, hence all the executive powers are vested in the hands of the King. Owing to the diversity of the Empire, King Jonas I is said to have appointed lords and ladies in different regions owned by the Lauwiner Empire.

This type of fractional administration is centred at the Royal house from where all the orders and implementations for the Empire are formed. Revenues, taxes, documentation, and other administrational procedures are centralized. But overall reports and final decisions are framed by the King itself. The Lauwiner Empire Legion which is the defence and security branch of the Empire, is responsible for the protection and safeguard of the citizens and the Empire properties. Whether it is the appointment of any Military General or any order for a military operation, it is performed only after the approval of the King. According to reports, for now, there is a small infantry unit of the Lauwiner Empire along with that, there is said to be a Royal Guard for the security of the Royal Family.

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Diane Williams

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