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A Diplomat who called Ukraine freeze “Crazy” is being asked to Testify

Democrats have actually asked for a deposition from Bill Taylor, the leading United States diplomat in Ukraine, several sources acknowledge this already.

Nevertheless, his interview has not yet been officially set up, the source stated.

“He is very skilled and has many years of experience dealing with the bureaucracy. You can see in the language of the texts that he is memorializing phone calls — ‘As I told you on the phone … ,’ ” this source said.

The demand is anticipated to be met opposition from the White House and State Department and might provide a real problem for Taylor, according to previous State Department authorities who understand him.

What’s his function in all this? Taylor was thrust into the general public eye following the release of his text exchanges with Kurt Volker, previous envoy for Ukraine, and Gordon Sondland, Trump’s appointee for United States ambassador to the European Union,

“He will have to weigh testifying to Congress as opposed to leaving the mission in Ukraine without anybody in charge,” retired Ambassador Neumann agreed.
“That would be a very tough judgment call. It’s not just about whether he’s courageous and will go to the Congress, it’s also how much does he worry about what happens to Ukrainian policy if he leaves Ukraine with nobody picked to succeed him.”
“I think that would be a tougher call than many people would think who will only be looking at the domestic side of the issue,” he added.
One former State Department official noted that “to some extent, the department needs him out there, needs a seasoned diplomat there.”

In the texts, Taylor consistently questioned the choice to stall numerous countless dollars in military help to Ukraine, calling it “crazy.”.

Will he in fact affirm? It appears not likely. On Tuesday, just hours prior to him saying something.

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