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List of US Military Bases in Germany

American Army Bases In Germany

GERMANY (Consortium News) – Americans have kept US Military Bases In Germany, beginning at first with soldiers of the post-war time frame. In the course of the Cold War, the number of bases was increased to assist NATO. As of now, just Ramstein and Spangdahlem bases continue to be utilized within Germany, for back up of on-going operations within the Middle East as well as the Balkans. Post-War Age By the end of the second […]

Trump Uses Military Funds for the Border Wall

Will the Mexican Border Wall get built?

Washington (Consortium News)- The Government on Thursday took away billions of dollars away from the funding of 17 jets for the Navy and Air Force & various other army programs in order to free up assets for the building and construction of a wall on the American border with Mexico, this move outraged not just the Democrats but Republicans that frequently promote self-defense investing. Mark Esper authorized a request from the Division of Homeland Security […]

Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper Between US Troops and Syria Civilians

Russia Acting as Peacekeeper Between US and Syria

The Middle East (Consortium News) – The Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper between US Army and Syrian Civilians by preventing the acceleration of conflict among troops and civilians in the district of Al Hasaka in northeastern Syria, stated the head of the Russian Hub for Reconciliation, Yuri Borenkov. On February 12th in the early morning, an American armed forces convoy redirected from its path and killed a 14-year-old kid and also injured another man by […]

Australian Military Ships Sent to help victims of Wildfires

Australian Military Ships as well as aircraft were sent out on Wednesday in order to assist neighborhoods ravaged with wildfires that have taken 17 lives already and sent countless locals fleeing to the coastlines. Naval vessels with military aircraft carried drinking water, food items, and also gasoline to communities in which stocks were exhausted as roadways were cut off due to the fires. Authorities verified that 3 bodies were found on Wednesday morning at Lake […]

Russia Protests Illegal US Military Presence in Syria

The Russian International Bureau said it is not in the best interest of anyone if the United States attempts to perpetuate the illegal US military presence in Northeastern Syria near oil areas.  ” Any type of response with which the United States attempts to reinforce its own illegal military presence is contradicted, for our viewpoint, with intercontinental regulation and is inadmissible,” Russian Minister Of Foreign Affairs Sergey Vershinin told press reporters. Turkish news organization Anadolu […]

Turkey ready to start a military offensive in Syria if the agreement with the US fails

Turkish Tanks invade Syria

Turkey is prepared to return to its military offensive in Syria in the event that the United States does not meet its obligation to ensure the extraction of Kurdish troops, pointed out Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “If the pledges or guarantees of the United States are not met, we are going to continue the operation within Syria using even greater force,” the Turkish leader informed Middle East Headlines News team, prior to departing for […]

Russian Military Specialists Arrived in Venezuela

In the course of his visit to Moscow, Nicolas Maduro verified the arrival of Russian military specialists in Venezuela however did not state the reason that these people came to the Caribbean region. ” These people showed up a couple of days back, I was heading to Moscow and a couple of airplanes were landing with personnel from the military-technical advising commission which is within Venezuela, those individuals that arrived at the start of the […]

The Israeli Military Closed Ibrahimi Mosque

The Israeli military last night closed up the doors of the Ibrahimi Mosque inside Hebron, stopping Palestinians from getting in under the pretense of Jewish holiday seasons, and even mounted monitoring video cameras at Beit Jala. The Israeli military sealed all army checkpoints and also electric entrances leading to the Ibrahimi Cathedral, and even stopped residents and locals from the region from intercrossing so as to get to the shrine for prayer. The Israeli occupation […]

A Crisis within the UK Military

British army dip to historic lows

A recruitment crisis in the UK Military induces battle units to work with as much as 40% fewer soldiers. The”English Military’s infantry troops have actually decreased gradually over the recent 5 years,” latest records directly from the UK Administrative agency of Defense revealed. At the moment, there are around 2,500 fewer soldiers on the frontline compared to those of 2015. United States special forces within Syria The United States Special Forces also drained following practically […]

Trump approves a military attack against Iran

Trump approves a military attack against Iran and at the last minute retracts it. The mission was reversed when airplanes were in the air and the boats were in position, affirmed the New York newspaper officials familiarized with the intense discussions in the White House, following the downing of a US drone. The FAA prohibited commercial flights from the United States from crossing Iranian airspace, until further notice. President Donald Trump initially approved military attacks […]

Leader Al-Bashir is Toppled by the Sudan Military

The President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, is kept in a “safe place,” the self-defense administrator of the African nation mentioned within an announcement after Leader Al-Bashir is Toppled by the Sudan Military. The Sudanese official revealed the removal of the “regime” chaired ever since 1989 with Al-Bashir, and even declared a state of emergency inside the nation for 3 calendar months, following the arrest and resignation regarding the president. Likewise, the Sudanese administrator carried on […]

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