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Islamic Revolution of Iran Speech

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, gave a speech for the Persian New Year (Noruz), from the urban area of Mashad (northeast side). During a pep talk coming from the Mausoleum of the 8th Imam of the Shiite Muslims, Imam Reza, within the northeastern metropolitan area of Mashad, the head of Iran, praised the Noruz as well as for the birth of the very first Imam of the Shiites, […]

Iran and internal politics regarding coronavirus

Ccoronavirus, Iran and its Internal Politics

IRAN – (Consortium News) – The moment the coronavirus was uncovered inside Iran, the government’s initial internal statements had absolutely nothing to do with medical protocols, but everything to do with internal politics. They passed on jail sentences amounting to 58 yrs for 8 of the nation’s popular environmental researchers, every one of them is a registered member of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Fund (PWHF). The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or (IRGC) apprehended the PWHF […]

Trump’s strong warning to Iran

Trump on Saturday issued a strong warning to Iran and made a threat to strike many targets within the Islamic Republic “fast and hard” in the event that they choose to strike back for the killing of General Qassem Soleimani. Trump released a number of twitter updates associated with Iran, the very same day the White House sent out an official notice to our elected representatives, under the War Powers Act, regarding a drone strike […]

Trump hits Iran with more Sanctions

On Wednesday, Donald Trump hits Iran with more sanctions that target numerous transport companies as it continues its “optimal pressure project” versus the Islamic Republic over its ballistic and nuclear rocket programs. The sanctions target Iran’s state shipping line and a China-based business that has actually been associated or suspected of providing rocket parts to Iran. They likewise include a layer of brand-new charges to a formerly approved Iranian airline company, Mahan Air, which is […]

Donald Trump Responds to Attacks against Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump claims his nation is prepared to react to attacks against Saudi Arabia. The announcement follows a drone assault to the empire’s refineries to decrease its natural oil manufacturing and worldwide power supplies. US president mentioned that Washington believes they found out who was actually the source of the assault. His foreign minister, Mike Pompeo, pointed the finger at Iran and stated: “We are armed and ready” in order to react when verification is obtained. […]

CIA Agents Detained by Iranian Authorities

The Persian news agency Tasnim published documents and family photos of Americans who were identified as CIA agents and subsequently detained by the Iranian authorities. #تسنیم منتشر کرد:‌ تصاویر افسران اطلاعاتی سیا وزارت اطلاعات: ١٧ جاسوس تربیت‌یافته سیا دستگير شدند؛ برخی از این جاسوسان حکم اعدام گرفته‌اند — خبرگزاری تسنیم ?? (@Tasnimnews_Fa) July 22, 2019 Thus, according to the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic republic, these people worked in […]

Iran supports the decision on the nuclear agreement

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran supports the decision on the nuclear agreement and promises a strong response to any enemy attack. On the first anniversary of the US departure of the 2015 nuclear agreement between Teheran and the 5 + 1 Group then composed of the US, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China, plus Germany, the Armed Forces General Staff has expressed its “full support” to the President Hasan Rohani’s […]

Trump’s Arms Control Provokes Conflict with US Intelligence

A Donald Trump administration document regarding international conformity with arms control accords elicited a conflict with US intelligence agencies and even a few State Dept authorities, worried that the document politicizes and even slants evaluations regarding Iran, 5 sources with information have told Middle East Headlines News. United States Leader Donald Trump is magnifying a drive so as to contain Iran’s strength within the Middle East, elevating concerns that his government intends to knock down […]

Armed Conflict with Iran On The Horizon

The United States decided to put Iran’s IRGC in its so-called checklist of “terrorist organizations” will result in an armed conflict with Iran, claims one expert. Iranian Head Hasan Rohani on Tuesday applauded the Islamic Revolution Guardian Corps (IRGC) with its part in the battle against the reign of terror, despite the fact that the United States has just marked this particular elite legion as a “terrorist group”. Within a press conference, the exact same […]

Help Arrives for those Impacted by the Floods in Iran

Over recent weeks, residents, as well as various bodies within Iran, have already provided time and efforts to help people impacted by the Floods in Iran. The unmatched floodings have indeed altered everyday life regarding Iranians within 21 of the 31 districts of the Persian nation, that has compelled all types of organizations to provide assistance for sufferers. Lorestán is among these territories, to which a minimum of 30,000 fundamental food bundles has been sent […]

Iranian Missiles Ensure its Security

The Iranian missiles deterrent is not a danger to the region and may be utilized to fend off any kind of hostility against the region, claims a Persian soldier. ” The Iranian rockets are actually a deterrent and for the self-defense of the Islamic Republic. They are going to be used solely in the event of aggressiveness, for that reason they present no danger to any nation within the area, “claimed a spokesperson for the […]

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