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Syria urges Kurdish Militias not to Join with the US

The Government of Syria urges Kurdish militias not to betray their homeland and reject any alliance with the United States. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Miqdad lamented on Thursday the cooperation between Kurdish-Arabs and the United States in an interview with the Lebanese television station Al-Mayadeen, in which he even considered the Kurdish people “a tool in the hands “of Washington. Faced with this situation, the diplomat called on the Kurds to be loyal to […]

AMERICAN Soldiers in the Middle East are in Danger

United States soldiers in the Middle East are in danger right after Donald Trump chose to proclaim the Iranian Guard Unit ‘terrorist’. The NBC Headlines internet site on Saturday pointed out that by Trump Advisers’s choice or decision to place the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Unit (IRGC) “within the very same classification” as a terrorist group of people, like Al- Qaeda and even ISIL (Daesh, in Arabic), may place the United States armed force within […]

Armed Conflict with Iran On The Horizon

The United States decided to put Iran’s IRGC in its so-called checklist of “terrorist organizations” will result in an armed conflict with Iran, claims one expert. Iranian Head Hasan Rohani on Tuesday applauded the Islamic Revolution Guardian Corps (IRGC) with its part in the battle against the reign of terror, despite the fact that the United States has just marked this particular elite legion as a “terrorist group”. Within a press conference, the exact same […]

The US Changed its Mind Regarding a Total Withdrawal from Syria

The USA powers have “Again” backed off on their strategy regarding a total withdrawal from Syria, and are going to maintain a huge portion of their armies there. The United States Dept of Defense (the Pentagon) was thinking about decreasing its own battle forces within northeastern Syria by roughly fifty percent -that is, nearly 1,000 soldiers- during early May, and then halting the program. The United States Naval forces are going to assess the situations, […]

US Attacks Left 11,800 Civilians Dead in Iraq and Syria

SYRIA – “The coalition bombing in Iraq and Syria have left some 11,800 dead civilians, including 2,300 children and 1,130 women”, reported on Thursday the Iraqi High Commissioner for Human Rights claimed in a report. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria has sent several letters to the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) and the President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), in which he has condemned in harsh terms the continuous attacks […]

French Legislation Not Enough To Curb Fake News

Experts say French legislation not enough to curb fake news or false information, the problem will only be aggravated by the development of increasingly specialized technologies as more undemocratic states realize the potential of these tools. “The European elections are a major challenge and the risk is important, but the risk will only increase in all elections from now on as there are technologies that are developing that will make it increasingly difficult to identify […]

Middle East Terrorism – New Argument for Intervention

Violent Islamic extremism and Middle East Terrorism have been added to the list of fundamental concerns that lie behind current US policy and its interventions. The fight against terrorism, which began in North Africa with the bloody war between the Algerian government and the Islamist opposition in the nineties, has spread throughout the Middle East in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 attacks on U.S.  Terrorism will remain for a long time one of the […]

Iran to Trump: Never threaten Iran with Military Confrontation

“Mr. Trump: Never threaten Iran with military confrontation,” warns the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolution Guardian Corps (IRGC). In a speech Sunday in the march to mark the National Day to Combat Arrogance ‘in Tehran, Iran ‘s capital, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said that the Persian nation is not afraid of military threats from the current American Administration, chaired by Donald Trump. Is Donald Trump On a Power Trip? The Persian military leader has pointed out that on […]

Iran Lashes Out At Saudi Arabia For Reign Of Terror

Iran lashes out at Saudi Arabia for carrying out methodical human rights infractions and crimes against humanity throughout Yemen and even promotion of terrorism. Mohamad Hosein Qaniei, Iran’s spokesperson to the 1st Board for Disarmament and International Security out of the 73rd discussion of United Nations National Assembly (UNGA) within New York City, on Friday, denied allegations from the Saudi spokesperson that “Iran provided rockets to soldiers in Yemen”. Saudi Arabia stops fuel ships to […]

Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Starting A War

The head from the Islamic Resistance Movement from Lebanon (Hezbollah) cautions Israel about the repercussions it will encounter in the event that it launches any type of war within the territory. ” Israel understands that the Axis of Resistance is presently stronger than ever before and likewise knows that starting any type of war within the region are going to have enormous repercussions. He knows well that his weak points have been exposed, “mentioned Seyed […]

Syria Restoring Railroad Shortly After Attack

Syria laborers started restoring and reconstructing it’s railroad lines within Damascus (the capital) immediately after the liberation of the revolutionary sector. The line is going to link specific locations, incorporating the urban area of Al-Qadam, recovered previous May from the radicals of ISIL (Daesh, in Arabic) through the Syrian Military – with the Worldwide Fair of Damascus. Because of the break out in 2011, the hostility inside Syria resulted in enormous destruction of the nation’s […]

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