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58 migrants drown attempting to reach land

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Many migrants swam through rough Atlantic Ocean waters to security from a capsized boat while 58 others drowned were getting care Thursday in Mauritania after the most dangerous catastrophes this year amongst individuals making the dangerous journey to Europe.

The boat that left Gambia a week back had been bringing a minimum of 150 individuals, consisting of women and kids.

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The boat was headed towards Spain’s Canary Islands when it attempted to approach the Mauritanian coast to get fuel and food, Laura Lungarotti, chief in the West African country with the UN migration firm, informed reporters of the catastrophe.

“Many drowned. The ones who made it through swam to the Mauritanian coast near the city of Nouadhibou,” authorities stated. “The Mauritanian authorities are collaborating with locals to provide help for the survivors” in the northern city.

A minimum of 83 individuals swam to the coastline, the firm stated, while Mauritanian authorities pointed out that security forces discovered only 85 survivors so far. Interior Minister Mohamed Salem ould Merzoug stated “10 individuals were taken to a health center for immediate” treatment.

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Regional authorities continued to look for the still missing.

The survivors were getting care in accordance with “human uniformity, fraternity, and African hospitality,” the minister’s statement pointed out. It said that the boat held as many as 180 individuals, the majority of them ages 20 to 30.

Mauritania will open an examination into those accountable for “this drama” consisting of possible trafficking networks, the declaration stated.

While thousands already have perished making the journey in the past to Mauritania’s coast in efforts to reach the Canary Islands between 2005 and 2010. However, in current months authorities have actually apprehended boats bring numerous migrants from Senegal, which are the next-door neighbors of Gambia, it stated.

Survivors said, “the boat that capsized had left Gambia on Nov. 27th”.

There was no word as of yet from authorities in Gambia, where countless individuals have or are making the trip in hopes of reaching Europe in the last few years.

In spite of the nation’s little size, more than 35,000 Gambians showed up in Europe in between 2014 and 2018, according to the UN migration firm.

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