400 kg Of Cocaine Seized In Portugal And Spain

SPAIN – 8 individuals were apprehended in north Portugal and Spain by authorities, seizing 400 kg of cocaine, based on a Spanish news organization quoting a source from the state and federal government subdelegation within Pontevedra.

Basing on that source, the police theory is that the drug originated from Southern America to the harbor of Leixoes, after that headed to Galicia however, were confiscated in Tui, on the Spanish side of the border.

The law enforcement agency, that has the collaboration of authorities within Spain, Colombia, and even Portugal, has now authorized the apprehension of 8 individuals within the Spanish cities of Pontevedra & Ourense.

The citizenship of the detainees is not known at this time due to the court establishing a “gag order” stating that the “operation against the drug trade was classified”.

The cocaine investigation and surveillance, that commenced back in 2017, continues to be ongoing, police also say that “additional arrests will not be eliminated”, insider sources confirm.

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