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RCMP Breaks Up a $30M Money Laundering Operation

CANADA – The Royal Canadian mounted police known as the RCMP infiltrated an international money laundering operation headed by organized criminals in Toronto and Montreal Canada.

To date, police confirmed that at least 17 individuals were arrested within an early morning raid in Montreal Canada and the second in Toronto Canada, seizing assets worth approximately $32.8 million dollars.

An RCMP spokesperson Mr. Martin Fontaine said that “it’s by depriving these criminal group of their money and their laundry networks that we will shake the very structure of organized crime in Ontario.” The statement was provided early Tuesday to the news media.

Mr. Fontaine added in that “this particular Network actually had the capacity to launder millions upon millions of dollars”.

He also added that within Canada this investigation was said to be “crucial, one-of-a-kind and very complex”, as such, he continued to say that this was “extremely important and even a complex Canadian money laundering investigations that have actually led to organized crime or gangsterism related charges”

Law enforcement confirms further investigation needs to be narrowed and focused on certain individuals as well as keeping track of all the evidence in order to accommodate legal procedure and minimizing delays for the courts to prosecute these accused individuals.

Officer Fontaine concluded by saying “law enforcement has thousands upon thousands of documents to be disclosed to prosecutors” so as to prepare for legal “total disclosure”.

Middle East headlines news team has discovered that these specific arrests are a result of a minimum of two years combined police investigation that was initiated back in 2 0 1 6, the police targets of this investigation we’re supposedly gathering cash from various criminal organizations within Montreal Ontario and then swiftly moving that cash throughout numerous cash exchange offices located within Toronto Ontario.

It appears that the criminal organization group utilized “an informal value transfer system” having connections to Lebanon, Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Iran, and even China”, confirmed by the RCMP.

The money shortly after made its way back to Mexico as well as Columbia.

This money that was originating from “activities deemed illegal such as drugs” allowed significant amounts of cash to be filtered.

According to the mounted police, “this criminal Network has been confirmed as a dismantled”.

Local police along with RCMP confirmed that the suspect’s war between the ages of 26 and 71, 10 of them are from Quebec Ontario and the other seven were from Ontario Canada.

These accused suspects are facing numerous charges which include possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking including conspiracy and laundering.

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