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24 Apps That Threaten Your Android Devices

We reveal a checklist of 24 Apps that threaten your Android devices if you have these installed.

To stop additional damages, Google Play got rid of these types of apps from its own network, however, more than 380 million downloads and installs have already been made.

Basing on the report, these kinds of apps were created by the Chinese firm Shenzhen Hawk, which consequently is a branch of TCL. It is claimed that the deleted software applications asked their end-users for “a lot of harmful permissions”, therefore endangering the security and safety of personal information.

An Android mobile phone error erases images from phones without having user permission, for this reason, a lot of these apps request consent to make phone calls, take pictures, make use of the video camera and even record audio.

Additionally, to disguise their deceptive activity, the specialists point out, that Shenzhen Hawk released the apps making using a wide range of business names.

One of them is the Weather Forecast app, which included a malicious software application that opens up concealed browser windows and even clicked specific advertisements. That very same program steals data from people, then sends it to a web server positioned within China, basing on the VPNpro documents.

These kinds of safety – security and even personal privacy infractions, motivated Google to get rid of the applications from its own formal Android network.

Having said that, individuals that still have some of them set up on their phones ought to get rid of them in order to reduce the conceivable damages caused.

Below is the checklist of these kinds 24 Apps That Threaten Your Android Devices:

World zoo
Puzzle box
Word Crossy!
Soccer Pinball
Say it
Laser break
Word Crush
Music roam
File Manager
Sound recorder
Joy Launcher
Turbo Browser
Weather Forecast
Calendar Lite
Candy Selfie Camera
Private browser
Super cleaner
Super battery
Virus Cleaner 2019
Hi Security 2019
Hi VPN, Free VPN
Hi VPN Pro
Net master
Candy Gallery


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